Anya often says that even if she encounters danger, she’ll be fine because her mama will save her. The reason she can laugh and play with a smile is because Yor-san is her safe haven18


Moominmamma shouted…

“Run away! It’s the police!”

…Moominmamma didn’t know what Moomintroll had done, but she firmly believed that whatever her son did was not wrong…

These are Moominmamma’s words from “Moominsummer Madness.


“The other day, I went to “Moomin Valley Park.”

Surrounded by lakes and mountains, “Moomin Valley Park” has many shaded areas despite the high temperatures. Once you enter the shade, it feels dry like Karuizawa or abroad, without the characteristic Japanese humidity.

I recommend “Moomin Valley Park” as a summer solstice retreat.

When parents are filled with anxiety, lack emotional space, or have experienced something unpleasant at work, they may become irritable or complain a lot.

It is natural and not bad for parents to become irritable or complain when they lack emotional space.

However, it becomes a problem when these feelings of emotional inadequacy are transformed into anger and directed at children who are not directly related to the cause.

Mom’s unhappiness began with Dad’s affair. After the divorce, I was taken in by Mom, who started working part-time at the local home improvement store…