Everything will be fine.” This is a phrase often said by people who are doing what needs to be done2


Look at you. What you’re doing. You’re not God. It’s the other you, you see. The other you, watching you. Don’t let them down.”

“It’s the other you, watching you. Don’t let them down.”

These are words from Little My in ‘Moomin’.


We unconsciously fit ourselves into molds (characters).

Fitting ourselves into molds allows us to simplify things, but it also narrows our perspective.

Fitting ourselves into molds makes it easier to understand ourselves, but it also limits our possibilities.

You are likely playing some kind of character.

Or, in many cases, it might be more accurate to say you’re being played.

Here’s my top 3 favorite anime characters:

Makishima Shogo (PSYCHO-PASS)


Gilgamesh (Fate/Zero)

These three haven’t changed in five years.

They’re constantly alive in my mind, and I think and act considering what they would do.

If we’re going to play a character anyway, it’s more fun to play a character we think is ‘cool’, that’s my theory.

What’s scary is that most people are unconsciously set into a character and made to play it.

Because it’s unconscious, they can’t become aware of their character.

As a result, instead of tackling their character, they try to tackle what to do.

This won’t change anything.

In seminars and self-help books that claim to ‘change your life’, there’s often a lot of shouting about ‘changing your actions’ and ‘changing your habits’.

But if you had the willpower to change your life by changing your actions and habits, you would have already done it.

However, most people don’t have such strong willpower.

So instead, they participate in seminars that just make them feel good temporarily, or keep reading self-help books with similar content.

It’s a harsh reality that for many people with weak willpower, they can’t change their lives except by using the power of their environment, without sugarcoating it.

Therefore, the most effective approach is to approach your own character.

I’ll continue this later. Please translate.