“Imagine this. The stage is set at the World Cup finals. Eighty thousand spectators. You are on that pitch.

The score is 0-0. Additional time in the second half. Last play. You’ve broken through with a pass from a teammate and are now one-on-one with the goalkeeper.

Six meters to your right, there’s a teammate. If you pass, it’s a sure goal. In that situation, with the nation’s expectations and the championship on the line, you can proceed without hesitation. Only those crazy enough to shoot without hesitation can move forward from here.

Let me rephrase it. Soccer exists for you, the strikers. Think of everyone else on the pitch as supporting actors.

…Unconsciously, I’m trembling…

Abandon common sense. On the pitch, you are the star.

…Because no one has ever told me this…

Take the greatest joy in your goals and live only for that moment.

…He holds my destiny…

Isn’t that what being a striker is all about?

…I am a striker…

EURO 2024: Portugal vs. Turkey’s Third Goal

Cristiano Ronaldo faced a similar situation depicted in the drawing above during EURO 2024 against Turkey.

However, Ronaldo, the world’s greatest egoist, chose to pass.

As a result, Portugal scored their third goal, securing a victory and ensuring their advancement to the knockout stage after just two games.

As a player and as Portugal’s captain, that pass was the right choice.

Yet, I’m tired of hearing about the joy of the team’s victory over individual goals.

For someone like Ronaldo, the world’s greatest egoist who also became the top scorer in Saudi Arabia, I want him to continue finding joy in his own goals over the team’s victory.

And I want him to prove that this leads to the team’s victory in the end.