I should have noticed it back then. If I had noticed Dad’s signs that day… If I had listened to Dad more… If I had searched into the past… If I could have done something more for Dad… Maybe Mutsumi and Mom wouldn’t have ended up like that…! But in the end, I couldn’t do anything because I was too scared… I have always only thought about myself…!”


“We’re underwater right now. We don’t have time for this.”

“Go, you’re always like this! Dry and cool! You never understand my clumsy feelings!!”

“That’s not true. I understand you, brother. Your clumsiness and your greatness. Even if you don’t remember, I do.”

“The reason you awakened was because of me. When I was on a solo mission and nearly died, you rushed to save me and awakened to protect me. You wanted to forget, so I kept it a secret. But to me, it’s a very important memory I never want to forget.”

“…Forgetting bad things and indulging in fond memories, that’s not a bad thing. But your strength, your fun side, your kindness…”

…Go’s memories are flowing into my mind!?…

“Your mind is not this dark. It’s actually filled with amazing memories. Even if you can’t remember them, I’ll make sure you do.”


The most exciting moment for me during the Champions League final was when Klopp sang with the Dortmund supporters. Legends of Madrid like Zidane and Figo were also at the final venue.

I think it would be great if Kagawa could boldly attend the Champions League final as a Dortmund legend. Such actions would contribute to the development of Japanese football.

EURO 2024 is about to begin. Currently, European countries are playing international friendlies as a prelude to the tournament.

In the 2006 World Cup, Jong Tae-se shed tears while singing the national anthem. From the 2000s to the last EURO, Buffon, Chiellini, and Bonucci would sing the Italian anthem with such vigor that it seemed they might knock over their teammates.

I enjoy watching the pre-match interactions between players, national anthems, and the captains’ exchanges as much as, if not more than, the matches themselves. As a football fan, you might understand that I feel more familiar with the national anthems of Italy, Portugal, France, and Brazil than with Japan’s “Kimigayo.”

The current national anthems sung by European players don’t evoke the same laughter and excitement as those of the old Azzurri. Among the friendlies, I particularly enjoyed Portugal’s anthem when Ronaldo played and Mbappe laughing without singing the anthem.


Watching boys grow into young men, start families, and become adults is touching for fans who have followed them since their teenage years. When De Bruyne was celebrated for his 100th international match, seeing him with his wife and children almost brought me to tears. Observing the usually grumpy De Bruyne loving his children as a father rather than just a footballer was heartwarming for those who have watched him from the start.

In the Portugal vs. Ireland match, Ronaldo entered the field holding hands with a girl in a wheelchair, gently pushing her and holding her hand during the anthem. As someone who has supported him since he was 17, it was deeply moving.

Mbappe always high-fives every child he encounters. Long-time Paris fans love Mbappe not only for his play but also for his consistent, friendly attitude towards children.


I was planning to focus on Norway during EURO 2024. The presence of the phenomenal Haaland alone makes their matches worth watching, echoing the words from “Blue Lock” that one striker can change the world. Additionally, I wanted to see Ødegaard, who has my favorite ball touch this season, orchestrate the game. However, I realized yesterday that Norway did not qualify for EURO 2024.

I’m paying attention to Portugal, Croatia, and Denmark. My hopeful prediction for the winner is Portugal. Of course, in terms of sheer strength, France and England stand out.

Both teams have enough depth to reach the quarter-finals even with their B teams. However, predicting France or England as winners wouldn’t be interesting.

Messi concluded his story by becoming the world champion. I hope Ronaldo can end his story by becoming the European champion once again.


In the 2018 World Cup round of 16, Portugal vs. Uruguay, only Bernardo Silva could effectively move the ball for Portugal. In the subsequent EURO 2020 and World Cup 2022, Portugal fell short of expectations.

However, Bernardo Silva has grown into the best playmaker in the world, and now there are several players who can move the ball. Portugal also has two players who can break through defenses single-handedly: Leão and the versatile Nuno Mendes, who can play as a forward from the full-back position.

I particularly like seeing Dalot singing the anthem loudly and was moved by Bernardo Silva wearing the number 10 and shaking hands with Modric as captain in the match against Croatia.


I favor teams where the number 10 dictates the game. The Croatian players always look for Modric, even when multiple defenders are marking him.

This season, despite limited opportunities at Madrid, Modric continues to make plays that only he can during his brief appearances, offering many lessons to learn.

One joy of EURO is welcoming back players who moved to Saudi Arabia. Most teams have changed their midfield setups since the last EURO, but Croatia’s trio of Brozovic, Kovacic, and Modric remains the same. As an Italy fan, I’m happy to welcome back Brozovic and feel a sense of calm watching this unchanged trio.

One key to Croatia’s success will be whether Perisic, who can break through and score, can perform as usual.

Watching the Denmark vs. Norway match, I noticed the depth of the Danish squad, seeing Eriksen, Kjaer, and Poulsen on the bench during the anthem. During EURO 2020, Denmark played the most complete football until Eriksen collapsed. His return to the EURO stage is poignant.

I believe having a player with high defensive skills in an attacking midfield position in a 4-3-3 system can maintain numerical superiority. I learned this from Allan during Sarri’s Napoli era, and Denmark’s Højbjerg can fulfill this role. Additionally, they have Damsgaard, who can break through defenses alone.

Finally, I’m glad that EURO will be broadcasted on WOWOW. Personally, I would have liked to hear Kitagawa-san’s commentary for Italy, Nishi-san for France, and Shimoda-san for Germany on DAZN, which is a disappointment.

The World Cup is a festival, but EURO allows for a focus on the quality of football.

I hope to see an interesting story like Italy’s victory in the last EURO.