To play strong volleyball where strong guys gather


Man, Toyookas setter is really something. This year’s Toyooka might go pretty far. But well, it’s probably gonna be those two schools in the final.”

…Until our seniors’ generation, it often came down to a showdown between these two schools…

…The First Gymnasium seemed glamorous with their skillful play, using speed and combinations despite being physically smaller. Maybe that’s why there were many voices supporting the First Gymnasium…

…I couldn’t become Ushiwaka, but maybe I thought I could become like the First Gymnasium team…

…As a setter myself, Oikawa was already quite a monster, but we also weren’t tall on average. What we should aim for is the style of the First Gymnasium…

…Still, I couldn’t help but think. The excellent teamwork, the attacks with several players involved, all subdued by height and power…

…It’s the coolest. I want to fight like that. We might even win just with open tosses…

…But that’s something you can only do with stars. And at the same time, a question arose. With such amazing talent in front of them, isn’t it unnecessary for setters to assert themselves too much?

“I’m going to Shiratorizawa.”

“Huh… Why?”

“And he really went. He was already doing well in academics, but he studied even harder… But I never expected him to be seriously setting to Ushiwaka. The tosses seem like they’re from a different person. He used to be the type to aggressively use quick attacks.”

This is a flashback to White Cloth’s high school days and a word from Yann, White Cloth’s teammate and friend from middle school, from “Haikyuu!!”.



The seasons of various leagues, including the Premier League, have come to an end, leaving only the Champions League final remaining.

Throughout the year, there are moments in football that naturally bring tears to my eyes, perhaps once or twice every couple of years.

From Lampard’s penalty dedicated to his mother, to Atalanta’s remarkable run dedicated to the hometown hit hardest by COVID-19, to Aguero’s two goals in his last game for City.

“This is Messi. The man who becomes the protagonist of the story.”

Last season, Messi’s free kick against Lille with Mr. Nishi’s commentary.

Tears are not only for superb plays but also for the commentary that delivers the story to the supporters.

Perhaps, the reason there weren’t many tear-inducing moments this season is not only due to the absence of a leading character but also because the commentary on platforms like ABEMA and WOWOW lacked the words to convey the story.



What impressed me most in the Champions League were: ① The way Lucas Vazquez and Nacho live their lives, ② Kane and Dybala, and Zane and Neuer, ③ Orsato’s tears.


Lucas Vazquez and Nacho may not reach the level of individuals at Real Madrid. However, amidst other world-class talents, there are many moments where they don’t need unnecessary dribbling or shooting but instead make safe passes to their teammates, much like role models for working professionals.


When I watched the City vs. Bayern match at the Allianz Arena, the most impressive player for me was Zane. With his small head and long legs, Zane’s athleticism stands out even among top players.

Zane’s goal in the first leg against Bayern was something only he could achieve. Despite being approached by an opponent, he managed to shoot, reminiscent of Messi, and such goals deserve more praise.

However, in both matches against Madrid, Zane was substituted early, indicating that despite his talent, he struggles to find his place due to lack of support from teammates.


Neuer’s goalkeeping mistake, in my opinion, was a challenge that didn’t pay off, and it’s not a big issue considering his numerous contributions to the team. What concerned me more was that Neuer’s passing didn’t contribute positively to the team’s possession.

In football, the connection between the goalkeeper and center-backs is crucial, and Neuer’s slow distribution and slightly off-target passes hindered the team’s advantage. This is the cruelty of football; if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll quickly be surpassed.


Our idol, Orsato, shed tears after the Paris vs. Dortmund match, which was his last Champions League game before retiring. Even if Italian teams disappear from the Champions League or the Italian national team doesn’t participate in the World Cup, we still have Orsato.


Lastly, today, Kroos announced his retirement. Another calming presence leaves the game.