Why is it that a person’s heart doesn’t obey even their own will? Is it because I lack discipline? Even if I fall in love, it’s useless. It only causes


Orihime!! She is the protagonist of the myth ‘Tanabata Legend’!! Vega of the Lyra constellation, Orihime star. Altair of the Aquila constellation, Hikoboshi star. These two stars are said to shine the brightest on the 7th of July in the old lunar calendar… and thus, the Tanabata Legend was born!!”

“A long, long time ago… in the heavens, near the Milky Way, lived Orihime, the daughter of a god. Orihime diligently wove clothes for the gods every day and worked hard. Even such a hardworking Orihime found a marriage partner. He was a young cowherd named Hikoboshi. The two hit it off immediately and fell deeply in love.”

“However… their love was so intense that they blatantly neglected their work. Seeing this, the gods separated them by the Milky Way!!”

“The only day these two lovers were allowed to meet… that is July 7th!! Just once a year, they cross the bridge of magpies and reunite in love!! Oh, how romantic it is!!”

This is the prologue of ‘Majo Taisen’ featuring Orihime.

July 7th is the Tokyo gubernatorial election day.

Additionally, it’s Killua’s birthday from ‘HUNTER×HUNTER.’

And, it’s Tanabata.

**★Feeling elated

**★Not needing much sleep

**★Sudden increase in self-esteem

**★Thoughts racing and becoming talkative

★Being socially or sexually active

Can you imagine being in such a state?

Doesn’t it seem like someone in a “state of love”?

However, these are the diagnostic criteria for “mania” in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5).

**★Are you feeling sad?

**★Have you lost interest in things you usually enjoy?

**★Do you have no appetite?

**★Are you having trouble sleeping?

**★Are you feeling tired?

★Are you having trouble concentrating?

If you answer “YES” to these questions, you might be suffering from “lovesickness.”

However, if you answer “YES” to 5 out of the 6 questions above, it would meet the criteria for “depression” in DSM-5.

If both sets of questions apply, you might have “bipolar disorder (manic-depressive illness).”

If you see a psychiatrist and answer their questions while hiding the fact that you are in love or lovesick, there’s a high chance you will be diagnosed with “mania,” “depression,” or “bipolar disorder.”

“Anyone who has never loved has missed one of life’s greatest joys.”

When American psychologist Dorothy Tennov asked the above question, 83% of people answered “YES.”

Do you know the last words of a death row inmate?

Is it a plea for forgiveness from God?

A message to their family?

Surprisingly, it is words related to love.

In fact, 63% of the last words were about love.

However, those who have experienced “love” can understand that “love” has more hardships than joys.

No, you will face irrational feelings, and becoming “love-brained” can jeopardize your previous way of life.

In the “early stages of love,” you run around like an addict under the spell of delusions, repeatedly confessing your love, or forcing love confessions, neglecting work or studies without thinking of the consequences.

And you keep asking your partner, “Do you really love me?”

“Love” is not just about losing your reason but also conveying to your partner that you have lost your reason.

People who are reasonable cannot “love.”

In “love,” irrational loyalty is crucial.

If you were to stop being loyal just because the cost-effectiveness is bad, that wouldn’t be “love.”

People intuitively know this and use the depth of the other person’s madness as a measure of “love” daily.

We do not seek rationality in “love.”

According to a 2023 survey by Recruit, 46% of men and 30% of women answered “YES” to the question “Have you never had a lover?”

The biggest factor is appearance.

While it is difficult to become handsome or beautiful, anyone can get on the stage of being a minimum romantic partner by exercising daily, being conscious of fashion, making an effort to talk normally regardless of gender, and sometimes considering plastic surgery.

I recommend experiencing “love” early in life.

Because only through “love” can you face the difficulty of dealing with others besides your family.

By experiencing “love” and making many mistakes, you can understand people’s feelings and become sensitive to various emotions of others.

You have made realistic and sensible choices for much of your life.

Realistic and sensible choices are very important.

But they are neither fun nor romantic.

Romantic and unrealistic things are not wise.

However, those are the things that make your heart flutter.

Flowers that wither quickly and have no long-term value are romantic.

Diamonds, in most cases, are very expensive when bought but have no resale value, yet they are romantic.

Why do we spend money on impractical and valueless flowers or stones?

To show the other person that you are not sane and to maintain the relationship.

The irrationality of “love” is, ironically, actually rational.


Am I the only one who envies the relationship between Orihime and Hikoboshi?

Meeting only once a year is much easier.